Nairobi lawyer loses major client after disclosing mental illness

It just seems like yesterday when Njeri Mucheru first grabbed the headlines. It was in 2013 that she burst onto the scene when she disclosed racy details of her personal sex life and detailed the frustration in her marriage on her blog, especially her husband’s alleged infidelity. Her blog was later hacked and all articles vanished.

She’s evolved into a self-declared messiah, something of an Oprah Winfrey too. On her twitter account she states “My calling is to rescue women and get them firmly on the Highway to Heaven.” Njeri, have these women asked you to rescue them?


But that isn’t  half the story. In an interview with K24’s “Young Rich” she had the chutzpah, the sheer gall to refer to her biological mother as “a mad woman”. Her biological mother was institutionalized and Njeri Mucheru had to ensure her medication was provided for. She revealed in the interview that she has a net worth of Kshs. 90 million, and that she’s bought a house at Kshs. 30.5 million.

It’s fairly likely that the pressures of studying abroad, the stresses of the legal-profession, her mother’s mental illness and the trauma of her father’s death in the 90’s may have led to an upheaval of sorts in her life that finally culminated into her sensational disclosures in 2013.

She’s currently the talk of the town among city lawyers since she revealed last month in an article in the People Daily (where she often writes), that she lost a major client after she disclosed her bipolar disorder in one of her articles.

Gentlemen she’s currently seeking suitors but who would be so daring enough to take a risk on such a loose cannon? To read her rantings and ramblings, follow her on twitter: @njerimucheru.


3 thoughts on “Nairobi lawyer loses major client after disclosing mental illness

  1. Clearly, you are an idiot. Having the gall to write about someone with mental illness and then redicule them is the lowest of the low. Uneducated people are usually the ones who do not understand that any form of mental disorder is actually an illness, much like you may have a case of malaria, cancer and the like. And like many of these illnesses, you chances of getting struck down with them is random. In many parts of Africa, people are walking around with mental illness without knowing that they are afflicted. Especially something like bipolar disorder. You could be one of them and yet you’re mocking this girl. At least she has the sense to get help. You might serve your readers better if you got yourself checked out. Cos clearly you have a serious case of ignorance plus much, much more!


    1. I give this young woman thumbs up. She is courageous, intelligent and beautiful. As Bea above stated, a lot of people are bipolar and don’t even know. You will be suprised how many people who have bipolar are very intelligent. When you work on the psychiatry unit, you will note you also have some mental illness just by observing the patients. Bea tell the fooiish person that he/she should read more about mental illness and learn what kind of mental illness he/she has if not worse that bipolar.. Leave Njeri alone.


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