Reprieve for PLO Lumumba in plagiarism case

A long-running plagiarism case pitting lawyer Maina Wachira against Kenya School of Law Director (KSL) PLO Lumumba has finally been settled out of court. A consent was recorded earlier this week to settle the matter out of court. It had come to light about 2 years ago that Mr. Lumumba had plagiarised an article originally… Read More Reprieve for PLO Lumumba in plagiarism case

KMPDU officials released from jail

 The court of Appeal Wednesday ordered the release of seven medical doctors’s union officials who had on February 13 been sentenced to one month in jail. The officials have been set free pending hearing and determination of the appeal against Justice Hellen Wasilwa’s decision to jail them and parties are expected back in court on… Read More KMPDU officials released from jail

JSC fires 11 magistrates

Eleven magistrates have been fired for alleged professional misconduct. The accusations vary from corruption to reporting to work drunk. The Judicial Service Commission yesterday said it took into account the principles of natural justice in reaching its final verdict. The nature of complaints against the magistrates included absenteeism, issuing rulings calculated to defeat the course… Read More JSC fires 11 magistrates

Senior Counsel’s womanising ways the talk of the town

It’s now emerging that a Kenyan senior counsel who has in the past been involved in several landmark cases is a serial womaniser. He casts the image of a gracious old man, polite in mien like an old retired school teacher in the village. He’s a typical old school lawyer too: his firm doesn’t have… Read More Senior Counsel’s womanising ways the talk of the town