Doreen Gatwiri: Ebru TV news anchor/lawyer throws tantrum on air

Doreen Gatwiri, a lawyer from the Kenya School of Law class of 2015 who also moonlights as a news-anchor on Ebru T.V. yesterday had an angry outburst on air.  She shouted angrily to the T.V. crew “What’s up, mnanidistract!”



After the tantrum she continued reading the Sports news in Kiswahili without an apology to her viewers as if nothing had happened.

Perhaps it would hold Doreen in good stead if she could learn from more experienced anchors on how to maintain one’s cool in difficult moments. Lilian Muli went through a trying divorce but you wouldn’t know from her expression. You might also get to host difficult guests on-air but you should know how to handle them.

Also, she should check out her wardrobe. It’s been reported that she used to walk around in small white trousers that exposed a red thong while at the Kenya School of Law.


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