KSL Exam leakage: Rarieda MP aspirant’s son Rodney Amollo cons students of millions

Many have heard of Mr. Otiende Omollo, a renown lawyer, immediate former ombudsman and politician vying for the Rarieda parliamentary seat. But his son Amollo Rodney Abel is attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

943784_10200625026222392_719464934_n (Image: A Malignant Narcissist. Rodney Amollo, in a campaign poster for the Kenya Law Students Association. Source Facebook)

The smooth tongued Rodney Amollo, or “Rodo” as he was known by his fellow students at the Kenya School of law, class of 2016 is purported to have boasted of having the leakage of the final bar exam to his peers.

Fellow students fell for the bait hook, line and sinker. He sold each paper for between Kshs. 200,000 and Kshs 250,000 to gullible students. Several students bought the papers and he made at least a few millions from the scam.

Rodney is currently undertaking his articles of pupillage at Oraro and Company Advocates. Our sources reveal that he did not work alone, he sold the fake papers with a fellow student.

It all started just after the close of the July oral exams in 2016 (orals are exams conducted as an interview before a panel to those unfamiliar with the term). The “ombudsman’s son” as he was popularly known, half drunk on Jameson Whisky started bragging all over the school ban (more commonly known as Gate C) to anyone who would care to hear about how he already knew his oral exam results. He garnered 14 out of 30 marks in his orals, which is an above average score.

Come January 2017 the “Ombudsman’s son’s” performance in the final exam was impressive. He passed 6 out of 9 papers, which is no mean feat considering that only 9% of students passed all 9 papers that year. However, his fellow students who had relied on the fake exam papers he supplied were in tears. Rodney then switched off his phone and was unreachable.

Could the young Amollo have been working in cahoots with the Council of Legal Education or did he lie that he had a source at the Council? We couldn’t establish that fact. However, during last year’s November-December exams, the Council published a notice in the Daily Nation stating that the leaked Conveyancing exam paper was fake and that the Council was investigating the source.
Rodney certainly doesn’t come from a poor family. His motivation for conning fellow students was to support his partying lifestyle, his love for wayward women and alcohol. It could also be the malignant narcissist in him, that desire to feel he’s smarter than everyone else. After he solicited the money, Rodney made several flights to holiday spots at the Coast aboard Kenya Airways.
253283_10200765280008649_284413302_n.jpg (Image: Happy, go lucky. Rodney Amollo out and about. Source Facebook)
Our sources describe his love for expensive whiskeys and “desperate girls” as “legendary”. Our source continues: “Every Friday you’ll find him at the popular but ratchet 1824 club with the same group of friends and a half drunk light skin desperately needing some sleep clinging to his arm.”


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