Njoki Chege writes propaganda article on Kennedy Kalonzo

njoki chege


The Daily Nation today published an interview of Kennedy Musyoka Kalonzo by Njoki Chege that failed horribly. While Njoki Chege had the chance to ask tough questions to the young Kalonzo, the article seemed merely like a propaganda piece.

From the interview, we gleaned that Kalonzo likes to read poetry and biographies. But from Njoki Chege’s words, she seemed like an excited puppy fawning at it’s owner.  Take this for instance:

“What many do not know about Ken is that he is a brilliant and articulate young man, and yes, he believes he is qualified enough to hold a regional political seat.”

Kennedy studied at  Brookhouse School, recenttly ranked the among the most expensive high schools in Kenya with fees of Kshs. 830,000 per term. Thereafter he pursued a degree in international affairs, politics and public policy at the University of New Castle in New South Wales, Australia graduating in 2010.

Upon graduating, he worked in the legal department of Equity Bank at the Equity headquarters in Nairobi, and as part of the training and induction, he worked as a teller at the bank’s Moi Avenue branch.

It was also while working at the bank that he pursued a second degree, in law, at the University of Nairobi. He graduated in 2014.

Njoki Chege also informed us that is currently enrolled at the Kenya School of Law for a diploma but she failed to mention that he’s yet to pass his exams since enrolling in 2015.

While Njoki mentioned in the article that Ken is the secretary-general of the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation, she failed to question Kalonzo regarding misappropriation of funds at the said Foundation.



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