Catholic University lecturer Ruth Muigai fails KSL bar exam

Ruth Muigai Nashipae, a lecturer of law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) failed her bar exam last year at the Kenya School of Law (KSL). Her admission number was 20131230 and it is clear from the records that she failed professional ethics, conveyancing and commercial accounts. She did not sit other papers.

It’s a twist of irony that an unseasoned lecturer would teach law students who are to take a pre-bar exam to join the Kenya School of Law (KSL), yet she herself has not passed the exam at KSL. How do we expect such students to fare?

ruth muigai lecturer law (Image: Ruth Muigai, Courtesy LinkedIn)

Ruth Muigai completed her undergraduate degree from CUEA in 2012 and was due to join KSL in 2013.  However, she deferred and opted to pursue a masters of law degree at the University of East London. She graduated from London in 2015 whereupon she joined the faculty of CUEA as a lecturer, without sufficient experience in practicing law. Experience is key in law since it is a complicated and dynamic discipline that changes daily. Law is not hospitality or catering.

CUEA has recently come under fire regarding the quality of it’s lecturers. Out of a faculty of 42, only about 3 hold a doctorate degree in law but there is no professor ( Nairobi University on the other hand has a staff of 75 law lecturers, 19 of whom have doctorates, and 14 of whom are professors: (

Most of the lecturers at CUEA merely list a phd as “ongoing”. In common parlance, that means they don’t intend to finish the phd anytime soon they merely enroll to meet faculty requirements. Further, few lack experience in legal practice. Perhaps it is time legal education in Kenya was overhauled.



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